Our Team

Joining RTS Means Joining a Multinational Team

RTS has global offices in 10 locations around the world but each office is made unique by the many nationalities and cultures represented by our employees.

Yanja Batbaatar Marketing Communication ManagerYanja

Mrktg & Comms Manager

“Within my position at RTS I am able to continuously work with my professional areas of interest.”

Marketing and Business Development

Being an integral part of the global trading industry means that our marketing efforts also have to be global. Our Marketing operations out of Chicago, Frankfurt and Hong Kong account for this. Attending all major fairs and tradeshows and conducting hundreds of Webinars per year can only be possible with our Marketing staff being broadly educated and experienced not only in the world of Marketing but also in terms of Trading and Technology.

Global Sales

Strategically located in all our global offices are our dedicated Sales teams – working close to where our potential and current customers are and driving our business. Most of the members of RTS’ Sales teams have a University degree in economics and a sound background in the financial and software industry. Some of them have also worked as Traders.


Sales Director

“The best things about working within RTS are the high standard of personnel and the daily contact with the financial industry.”

Solutions Management

Our Solutions Managers bring everything together. Working closely with our customers throughout the full cycle – they manage the implementation of our solutions. They function as the first point of contact for all customer queries and identify new customer needs with their assigned accounts.

Our well-trained Solutions Managers feature a solid technical background (some have studied Computer Science), with a thorough understanding of the trading industry. Being close to our customers, Solutions Managers are located in all our offices around the globe.

IT Operations

As RTS offers high-end software solutions of course our equipment has to comply with the same standards. With our datacenters customers are using our hosted low-latency architecture, located in state-of-the-art hosting & proximity centers and thus can access local and remote exchanges and other trading venues, hassle-free. RTS’ IT Operations Managers themselves located in Frankfurt, Chicago and Singapore are taking care of these high-end datacenters, being highly-experienced server and network administrators.


Software Developer

“I chose RTS because here I can work with my favorite programming language C++”

Product Development

Our development teams in our offices in Frankfurt, Chicago, Pune and Singapore design and implement new products, features and enhancements for RTS’ systems and solutions. They create our game-changing front-end products and our gateways to currently more than 135+ global exchanges and execution venues. All our development follows modern agile SCRUM methodology. The common ground for all our developers is their academic education in computer sciences and/or mathematics with a solid financial background.

Admin Functions

Mainly based in our Headquarter in Frankfurt, Germany, our Admin Functions service the whole RTS group across four continents and seven countries to deliver high-quality administrative support – in Finance, Accounting, Administration, HR and Legal counseling.

Marian, Software Developer

I joined RTS in 2007 as a Front-end Developer. My strong background in industry standard programming languages, enterprise infrastructure and middleware as well as back-office operating systems set me apart at RTS. Currently I am working as an Infrastructure Developer on the server side.

I chose RTS because here I can work with my favorite programming language and operating system. Also RTS gave me the chance to revamp my skills as a software developer.

As RTS continues to be the recognized industry leader, I would very much like to be further involved in the company‘s growth and evolution.

Sudhir, Sales Director

I joined RTS when I recognized that the technology behind trading was as important as the strategy itself. I used to be an Equity Specialist (trader).

I started in 2006 as Sales Manager and became a Vice President of Sales in a year and a half. This function, in time, brought me to my current position as a Sales Director for Europe.

I chose RTS because of their high performance, cutting edge technology. RTS also has great Management and I was excited about the opportunity to lift RTS to the position of a recognized global leader it is today.

RTS is growing on a global scale – geographically as well as in terms of trading sectors we are prime suppliers in. For the future I’d like to be involved in globally sharing our knowledge and keep us up to speed with the future trends in the financial industry, so that we grow our Sales opportunities even more.

Yanja BatbaatarYanja, Mrktg & Comms Manager

Before I started with RTS I held head marketing positions in a variety of industries – but nothing compares to the trading and technologies industry. Only after a few months I was offered the position as Marketing and Communications Manager for Americas. I have now been with the company for just under a year. In my young career I have grown so much through my experiences at RTS; I have been involved with many country regional marketing projects, as well as global projects and campaigns.

I chose to work at RTS because it encapsulated the work ethic, vision and growth I sought in my ideal company. RTS has a huge global presence with a small, family-like company feel.

Having a career at RTS I am enabled to continually learn and further my knowledge to excel in my field. My professional goal within RTS is to increase RTS global reach and help RTS maintain and exceed industry standards. I am excited to be part of RTS future with continued company growth and global expansion.

Stefany, Solutions Manager

I joined RTS in December 2011 to take on the role of UK Solutions Manager based in London. I am responsible for an existing client base ensuring that their daily technical, support, contractual and training needs are met by coordinating with the necessary internal RTS expertise.

Having researched the software industry and RTS, I found that the company offers some of the best execution technology available today. As RTS continually adapts to the evolving market by offering new capabilities and connectivity to markets, the potential to become the industry leader is very exciting.

RTS has a ‘family’ feel which is unusual given the scale of the company – each and every colleague I have daily interaction with is professional, supportive and a pleasure to work with, helping with the daily challenges I face.

As RTS grows I would welcome a future opportunity to head up a team of UK Relationship Managers, ensuring that our clients continue to receive the high level support they expect.