Company History

The Soul of an Innovator.

The Heart of a Perfectionist.
The Blueprint of a Solution Provider.

Since the dawn of electronic trading, we have been a pioneer in the field. Today, our passion for innovation and technology is as strong as ever. And our focus is clear – to continue delivering unrivaled solutions to serve your business needs.




RTS partnered with Automated Trader Magazine by sponsoring comprehensive annual survey on Global Trading Trends
Launch a Chinese-language website
Opened our first data center in the Middle East, located in Dubai
Introduced RTD QUANT Version 2.0

Partnered with KVH in Japan for data center servicing
Connectivity to NLX

Received FOW Data Centre of the Year Award
Connectivity to Eris Exchange



Introduced RTD Tango QUANT, technical and quantitative trading front-end
Connected to 135+ exchanges
Announced global launch of Tango onDemand
RTS chosen as Bolsa Mexicana de Valores front-end vendor
Established data centers in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo
Established office in Shanghai
Relocation of CEO to Singapore 



Acquisition of First Futures Software in India
Launched RTD CORE, matching solution
Launched RTD GUARD, risk management solution
Established offices in Hong Kong, Mumbai and Pune
Established data centers in Singapore and Mumbai



Introduced RTD Tango Trader, solution combining algorithmic & click trading
Connected to 130+ exchanges
Provides technology to Asian universities NTU and CUHK



Connected to 100+ exchanges



Data centers in Europe and the U.S.
RTS chosen as technology vendor for MexDer



Established office in Singapore



Launched RTD Tango, low latency algorithmic trading platform



Introduced RTD FIX API
Connected to 50+ exchanges



Established offices in Amsterdam, New York and Sydney
Expansion into Asia Pacific



Introduced Java-based light weight front-end, RTD Trader



Established offices in Chicago and London
Connected to derivatives exchange LIFFE



Launched flagship product RTD Realtime Trading Desktop



Enabled equities trading via IBIS



Founded in Germany
Began with development for trading software for options and futures on DTB, today’s Eurex