Commodity Producers & Traders

Bring Trading and Operational Efficiencies to your Business

RTS solutions address trading and operational inefficiencies in exchange and OTC trading. By giving clients full visibility of their global trades and introducing robust risk metrics, RTS allows traders to concentrate on their core business – trading.

 Case Study: RTS Solutions for Commodity Traders

The integration of physical and financial trading aspects pose a major challenge for multinational and domestic commodity producers. Effective Hedge Management and internalization of trades can substantially reduce operational costs and ensure price control. A consolidated view of all trading activities across locations, desks and contracts is paramount for full transparency and real risk control. Deploying end-to-end trading solutions with customizable strategies enable traders to fully leverage the existing infrastructure.

RTS Key Advantages

  • Full Global Trade Management Solution
  • Centralized Orderbook & Risk
  • Operational & Cost Efficiency
  • Customizable Solutions
  • Internalization & Matching Engines

Illustration: The solution implemented for commodities trading includes a central OMS along with RTS’ risk (RTD GUARD) and matching (RTD CORE) solutions. An open API allows for easy interaction with existing systems. The RTS Global Low Latency Network provides access to international markets for all major commodities.