FCMs & Brokers


Growing competition from existing and new players as well as increasingly demanding customers require FCM’s more than ever before to stay on top of trends and differentiate themselves with superior services and tools. (Fast) access to new markets along with innovative solutions supporting their customers’ needs become a prerequisite. Regulatory and internal requirements for global risk management, system security and hosting services require a stable and scalable infrastructure.

RTS Key Advantages

  • Global Reach, including native and FIX Access
  • Innovative tools to support customer business
  • End-to-end solution for algorithmic and low latency trading
  • Global Risk Management
  • Open architecture and flexible architecture


Brokers face increased domestic and international competition in the race for the few highly profitable and high volume, algorithmic traders. Permanent infrastructure improvements, along a multi-asset connectivity offering are paramount to attract high frequency and low latency traders. Cost-efficient integration of scalable and flexible trading solutions becomes a necessity to attract sophisticated traders, while complying with internal and external risk requirements.

RTS Key Advantages

  • One stop shop solution
  • RTS customers tends to be high volume customers
  • Open architecture and scalability
  • State-of-the-art trading solutions
  • White Labeled Algo Solutions