Risk Management

RTD GUARD, Low Latency Pre-Execution Risk Management System

RTD GUARD allows real-time low latency risk checks on multiple layers. Combined with our Trading Front-ends and Matching Solution, it becomes more than a risk management tool producing powerful results to comply with the most rigorous regulatory requirements.

Key Advantages

  • Global multi-layer risk control and order book management
  • Real-time pre- and post-execution risk checks across asset classes
  • Granular risk controls at the exchange, network and client level
  • Fully hosted FIX-based connectivity model
  • Open architecture for seamless integration with existing infrastructure
  • Designed to satisfy regulatory requirements


Brochure: RTS Risk Solution

Case Study: RTD GUARD in Commodity Trading

Case Study: RTD GUARD for Swap Execution Facilities

RTD GUARD allows risk managers to control, monitor and report trades which can be made via RTS trading front-ends or third party applications (using our APIs)


What kind of risk parameters do you offer?

Where are limit and risk checks performed?

In-depth risk checking with full functionality is done at the Limit server level.
For ultra-low latency set-ups, risk checks are done by directly intercepting the order flow at the Exchange & Broker Gateways and the RTD Tango Ultra Gateways.

Risk Checks

Who uses RTD GUARD?

How is RTD GUARD integrated into the RTS infrastructure?

How is RTD GUARD being used in conjunction with other RTS solutions?

RTD GUARD can be combined with other RTS products to create customized solutions for your business. Read more in our Case Studies below:

Case studies:

RTS Solutions for Commodity Traders (PDF)

RTS Solutions for Swap Executions Facilities (PDF)