RTD Realtime Trading Desktop

Functionality Rich Trading Front-end for Multi-Asset Trading


RTD is a client-server-based application to minimize internal latency for market data and execution. Order processing and performance are dynamically improved to respond to sensitive, high-speed trading styles.


RTD enables users to trade a variety of products and asset classes from a single screen. Equities, options, futures, bonds, comodities and FX can all be traded using RTD’s intuitive and feature rich toolset.

RTD Realtime Trading Desktop comes with a variety of cutting edge automated trading tools:

RTD Quote Machine®

Designed especially for market makers across asset classes and quoting styles.

  • Simultaneously quote multiple instruments across markets
  • Sophisticated options pricing package
  • Rich interface, integrated volatility models and skew functionality

RTD Electronic Eye®

Designed to catch opportunities more quickly than the human eye can monitor.

  • Configurable functionality
  • Capitalize on market opportunities
  • Sophisticated options pricing with integrated volatility management

RTD Basket Trader®

Enables traders to trade multi-exchange, multi-currency baskets.

  • Calculate against any reference contracts
  • Emulate exchange and user defined baskets
  • Various customized price models