RTD Tango

Ultra-Low Latency Algorithmic Trading Solution

RTD Tango® is a complete platform for creating and deploying automated trading systems.

RTD Tango® is uniquely powerful platform for creating and deploying automated trading strategies.  This multi-asset, multi-exchange solution allows users to build, implement, and manage thousands of strategies on a single platform.

RTD Tango® combines building, simulating  and trading into a single tightly integrated environment . This allows traders to go from idea, to concept to execution in a matter of hours.

  • Next generation RTD Tango® engine with reduced internal latency
  • Complete event-based algorithmic trading platform
  • Single environment for algo development, testing and deployment
  • Proprietary programming language with 250+ built-in functions
  • Live data testing with realistic simulated executions
  • Back-testing engine with integrated market data collector for quick time-to-market

RTD Tango